Porsche's power plays within Volkswagen have been getting a lot of press lately, with everything from failed board votes to spy scandals sprouting out of the deal. Now attention turns to Porsche's interest in Audi, where it is working to secure three spots on the supervisory board.

The three officers to be appointed at the upcoming May 7th meeting include Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking, CFO Holger Harter and Ferdinand Piech, supervisory chairman of the VW board and Ferdinand Porsche's grandson, reports Automotive News. The move to secure influence on Audi's board may herald a move to acquire some of the company's advanced engine or all-wheel drive technology.

Already Wiedeking has discussed sharing electronics and platforms with the VW Group, but those parts will be under-the-skin, so to speak. They will not be parts that are seen by the customer - although VW already builds the body for the Porsche Cayenne in the same Slovakian plant where it builds Touareg and Q7 bodies.

Areas for joint cooperation between Audi and Porsche were discussed at a recent shareholder meeting, and include a Porsche version of the Q5 to slot under the Cayenne and joint work on the next Audi TT and Porsche Boxster.