Saleen is offering for the first time its high performance 302 cubic inch (5.0L) premium V8 engine for sale as a standalone crate engine through its SpeedLab Aftermarket Division. The engine will be available in either short block or long block varieties and in either naturally-aspirated or supercharged forms.

Based on the 4.6L 3V Ford aluminum block, the entire internal package is upgraded with Saleen engineered forged pistons, rods, crankshaft and valve train components, and camshaft profiles. Power will range from 390hp in the naturally-aspirated version and up to 580hp for the force-fed unit.

Furthermore, these packages can be upgraded with 6-speed transmissions, high performance clutch/flywheels, higher performance rear end differentials as well as a Watts rear suspension kit designed for the Ford Mustang.

Saleen has used the modified Ford V8 in a number of special edition mustangs over the years, most recently with its Gurney Signature Edition and S302E Limited (pictured).