Mercedes-Benz has delivered its 500,000th SLK convertible since the entry-level droptop was launched back in 1996 and surprisingly 190,000 of these are the second-generation model, which debuted only in 2004. The SLK has been runaway success for Mercedes-Benz and has been the market leader for its segment for a number of years.

The compact roadster enjoys the greatest popularity in Germany, with over one-third of all SLK drivers coming from Mercedes’ home market. The rest of Western Europe accounts for a further one-third of sales. While, one in every five SLK customers comes from the U.S. The most popular model among customers is the SLK200, which accounts for half of all SLK sales.

The SLK recently underwent a midlife refresh, receiving a redesigned front and back as well as a revamped interior.

2008 Mercedes SLK update