The Los Angeles Auto Show is still half a year away but already we have details of what is likely to be one of the event’s standout attractions. In a recent interview, Cadillac boss Jim Taylor revealed plans to showcase a new motorbike concept fitted with a hybrid drivetrain containing an internal combustion engine running on ethanol.

A motorcycle enthusiast himself, Taylor recently commissioned a custom Cadillac ’Chopper’ from Great American Chopper of Clawson, Michigan. The new hybrid bike has been commissioned to New York’s V20 Consulting and is being built to showcase GM’s strength in science and technology, reports D Business magazine.

This wouldn’t be the first time in recent years a Detroit 3 carmaker rolled out a wild two-wheel concept at a major motor event. Back at 2003 ‘s Detroit Auto Show, Chrysler presented a 500hp motorbike concept dubbed the Dodge Tomahawk. The monster bike was powered by the Viper’s 8.3L V10 engine and was even sold in an extremely exclusive run of just ten examples through Neiman Marcus in 2005.