Always good for some over-the-top takes on muscle cars, sports cars and SUVs, the Specialty Equipment Market Association's (SEMA) annual show has chosen the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro as its official vehicle. The tuner-fest kicks off November 4-7 in Las Vegas, but it's industry-only - the public is not allowed.

It's not clear at this point if GM will be supplying some of the cars to select tuners, but the festival of excess has supplanted the usual 'official manufacturer' of the show with the new 'official vehicle', so at least one specialty Camaro seems likely, reports AutoWeek. The only problem getting the Camaro to tuners in time for the November show in Las Vegas is that the car won't be officially available for sale until early in 2009.

GM's own line of performance accessories may be what's on display. We've already seen a sneak peek of what's in store for the lineup thanks to a video from inside the workshop where the add-ons are being developed. A fully-kitted Camaro SS would be a show-worthy piece, and timed well for reveal ahead of the start of production.

Video: GM preps performance accessories for Camaro