Just like its corporate cousin Vauxhall did earlier this year, Opel is set to unveil a new logo in time for the addition of the Insignia to its ranks. The all-new sedan is the first of a series of new cars that will replace the aging line-up with a fresh design language and a new commitment to quality, and GM wants to help cement the updates in consumers minds by updating the badge that will adorn them.

Despite the company's desire to update the brand's reputation and appearance, the heritage of the logo remains important, so although the brand emblem will be updated, it won't depart from tradition. Incorporating the Opel name, the trademark lightning bolt and encircled by a wider border, the whole logo is wrought in a polished metal look, reports Automotive News.

The brand's original symbol, a zeppelin, was at the time symbolic of the height of technological advancement. Since then the circle that surrounds the emblem was added to symbolize the mobility of the wheel. The lightning-bolt trademark emblem dates back to 1963, and evolved from the 'Blitz' brand name from Opel's light commercial vehicles, which were the first to carry the lightning bolt.

Both the Opel and Vauxhall badge updates will be displayed in July at the London Motor Show.

Updated Opel Logo

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