Renault and Caterham announced plans in 2012 to jointly develop a new platform that could underpin sports car models for their respective brands. Development started in earnest shortly after but earlier this year the two automakers went their separate ways.

The good news is that both Renault and Caterham plan to develop their respective sports cars in time for a promised launch in 2016. It’s now been revealed that design for the Renault version, which will be marketed under the French automaker’s performance brand Alpine, has been finalized.

Unfortunately, per Autocar, the finalized design doesn’t look anything like the striking Renault-Alpine A110-50 concept car from 2012, previously thought to be representative of the new sports car.

Production of the Renault sports car will take place at the original home of the Alpine brand, Renault’s Dieppe plant in the north of France. Expect a lightweight, mid-engined coupe powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivering between 250 and 300 horsepower.

Should the project prove successful, Renault may launch additional Alpine-branded cars. Of course, each of them will need to be supported by a strong business case.


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