Teaming up with Rhys Millen Racing to build a SEMA show car, Hyundai will perform its part of the bargain by supplying a 2.0L turbocharged version of the car. Designed to showcase the tuning potential for the Coupe, the car will be called the 'Art of Speed' and will be on show in Las Vegas this November.

A custom Rhys Millen Racing (RMR) turbo kit will be fitted to increase output of the Hyundai mill. A heavy-duty HKS sequential transmission will give the car real racing credibility - a must, since the plan is to end up with a car capable of running the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, Formula D drift events or the Redline Time Attack series.

"The focus will be on the engine and a radical body design to complement the factory body lines. We are going to transform the Genesis Coupe into an apex-carving machine with jaw-dropping looks. We think it has the possibility of being one of the coolest cars at the show," said Rhys Millen, race driver and founder of RMR.

In addition to the go-fast parts, RMR will add a widebody kit, a hood scoop to get air to the intercooler and a carbon fiber wing. Enkei racing wheels wrapped in Bridgestone RE-01 tires straddle the line between speed and looks. Inside the cockpit, a Sparco steering wheel and seats offer a race-car interface while the eight-point roll cage protects the driver. A light-weight custom carbon fiber dash completes the race-car treatment.