Peugeot has launched a new standard for identifying the 'greenest' cars in its range as a nod towards increasing concerns over the environmental impact of cars and rising fuel prices. Dubbed the 'Blue Lion' standard, the initiative is a little late to the party, with Ford having launched its ECOnetic line almost a year ago and Volkswagen's Bluemotion launching several months before that.

The Blue Lion is awarded to all Peugeot models with CO2 emissions that are lower than or equal to 130g/km, is sourced from a factory with an environmental management system, and is designed so that 95% of the vehicle is recyclable at the end of its lifespan.

Peugeot's approach is similar to Renault's eco² range, which also requires 95% reusability, but allows for carbon emissions of 140g/km. Ford's ECOnetic range and VW's Bluemotion, meanwhile, are more focused on achieving high mileage and low emissions, rather than the actual production process itself.

Under Peugeot's Blue Lion system, 50 models from the French manufacturer fall into the Blue Lion category, including the Peugeot 107, 1007, 206, 207 and the 308 - all of which cover a range of segments from small city-cars to family sized cars.