Niche sports car brand Automobili Turismo e Sport (ATS), which recently located from its home in Italy to a new base in the Canary Islands, has announced its latest production, a road-legal track car called the Sport 490 Stradale.

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The new addition to the ATS lineup is a variation of the Sport range of track cars, and benefits from softer suspension and fixed lights to make it suitable for the road. Other necessary mods included a reverse gear, a hand brake and increased safety gear in the cockpit.

This means that track day enthusiasts will legally be able to drive to their local track, spend all day hitting illegal speeds, and then hit the road again for the journey home. It means the convenience—and cost saving—of not having to use a trailer and a separate vehicle to get to the track.

“Obviously this version has been realized with track day use in mind, giving the chance to the owner to drive it directly from the home’s garage to the race circuit,” ATS owner Gianluca Gregis explains.

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Power in the Sport 490 Stradale comes from a 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine sourced from a Suzuki Hayabusa superbike. It develops a peak 235 horsepower and will happily rev to 10,000 rpm. The gearbox is a six-speed sequential unit and drive is to the rear wheels via a Quaife limited-slip differential. Incredibly, the vehicle has a dry weight of just over 1,000 pounds.

Stopping power comes from huge six-piston calipers biting ventilated discs, and to aid handling the vehicle gets independent suspension utilizing fully adjustable shock absorbers from Öhlins. The wheels measure 15 inches across and are available with semi- or fully-slick tires.

ATS says owners can expect 0-62 mph acceleration in around 3.0 seconds and a top speed in excess of 143 mph.

Though ATS is now based in the Canary Islands, the company is happy to ship its vehicles to most markets and provides assistance in importing and registering them.


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