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  • 2011 Mercedes-Benz F125! Concept

    While cars have become much more advanced in recent years, many of the controls inside them haven't changed over the past 40 years. Mercedes is working on updating the interface between car and driver.

  • Siri becomes voice-activated ignition key
    "Siri... Start My Car": iPhone 4S Becomes Car Key

    Technology you can talk to has been around in films for years, but the Siri voice-activated software assistant really has turned the iPhone 4S into a little robot personal assistant. Still, there's unexplored territory as far as talking to tech is concerned. How about a Knight Rider-style car that...

  • Ford's SYNC System. Image: Ford Motor Company
    Ford SYNC More Affordable, Hands-Free Tech Now From $295

    Very little in life comes for free, which makes us appreciate paying less for something all the more. A drop in price of $100 certainly makes Ford's SYNC hands-free, in-car connectivity system something to appreciate. The system is now only $295. Things haven't been easy for Ford with its GM OnStar...

  • Speck Toughskin for TomTom
    New Study From OnStar Says Voice-Based Navigation Systems Are Safer

    Everyone knows that distracted driving is a big problem on the roads these days. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood focuses most of his energy on combating the dangers of texting and driving -- presumably because it's more common with younger, less-experienced drivers -- but in fact, there...

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