Technology you can talk to has been around in films for years, but the Siri voice-activated software assistant really has turned the iPhone 4S into a little robot personal assistant.

Still, there's unexplored territory as far as talking to tech is concerned. How about a Knight Rider-style car that you can start with a voice command?

Oh, looks like we've been beaten to it. According to TechCrunch, developer Brandon Fiquett has developed a hack that allows him to start his Acura TL via his Siri-equipped iPhone 4S.

He created a plugin that uses the Siri proxy server to interact with a PHP script on his own webserver. The script allows him to send commands to any registered car with a Viper SmartStart system - such as his Acura.

What you have them is a voice-activated system that allows you to control any of the SmartStart's functions, meaning you can unlock the doors, open the trunk or trigger the car alarm - as well as starting the vehicle - all with a voice command. Brandon demonstrates his hack in the video below:

Okay, so it's not instantaneous, but it's still damn cool and adds a touch of futuristic glamor to the process of starting your car.

If you fancy repeating Brandon's hack, you can find the links via TechCrunch. We're off to find an 82 Trans Am...