Straight Six

  • Aston Martin AMR-One LMP1 race car

    Aston Martin’s motorsports division, the aptly named Aston Martin Racing, has unveiled its new LMP1 race car, which is set to compete in this year’s Le Mans series in Europe. The new race car has been labeled the AMR-One and is just one of six new cars to be built. The Gulf liveried Aston Martin AMR-One is a new open-top LMP1 race car featuring a 2.0-liter straight-six engine with direct injection and turbocharging technology. It sits in a carbon fiber chassis designed and manufactured by Aston Martin Racing and sends power to the rear wheels via a six-speed transverse semi...

  • 2003 Aston Martin DB7 Volante
    Aston Martin Considering Reviving Straight-Six Engine?

    Aston Martin’s engine lineup is currently limited to a range of bespoke V-8 and V-12 powerplants, developing upwards of 750 horsepower in some applications. However, just a few years ago the niche British automaker was selling cars fitted with more mundane six-cylinder engines. Such an engine...

  • BMW Z4 M Coupe
    BMW retires the Z4 M's straight-six engine

    Fantastic engines are to car people like a fine vintage is to a wine enthusiast - not just to be used, but enjoyed, savored as some of the highest expressions of the art of their creation. But like all such things, they are fleeting. BMW's S54B32 engine, the straight-six 3.2L cast-iron motivator...

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