• Hellcat driver hits 198 mph on the highway

    The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a 200-mph machine. It's a 707-horsepower (717 for 2019) insane muscle car that's warped our definition of "appropriate power." But with that power comes responsibility, and that's something a 22-year-old in North Carolina clearly lacks. William Jefferson posted a video of himself driving his Hellcat 198 mph to YouTube. That's stupid on two counts. A concerned citizen sent the video to the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, and they were none too pleased. The stretch of Wake County, North Carolina, road in the video is US-1. It appears to be in great shape...

  • Minnesota man arrested for spreading nails to punish speeders
    Minnesota man arrested for spreading nails on road to punish speeders

    A 75-year-old central Minnesota man has been arrested after police discovered he'd spread nails across the road outside of his home to punish speeding drivers over the course of a few months. Police charged Joseph Kurimay with one count of damage to property after an investigatioln into the nail...

  • Jean-Marc Gales
    Lotus CEO nabbed for speeding, gets off with driving suspension

    Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales likely will take it a tad slower on the A11 near his company's Norwich headquarters in England. The executive was caught going 102 mph in a 70 mph zone while driving a new Lotus car. The Telegraph reported on Gales' run-in with the law Monday and said Gales persuaded the...

  • Eiffel Tower in Paris, France (photo by Rijin, via Wikimedia Commons)
    French police using drones to catch drivers breaking the law

    The French police stepped up its traffic enforcement efforts this past summer when Bordeaux traffic cops employed drones to track drivers. Since the summer, the drones have helped Bordeaux police issue "hundreds" of fines for various traffic violations. Marketplace reported on Monday that the...

  • O.J. Simpson chased by police in his Ford Bronco
    Nevada begins ticketing left-lane hogs

    What do you think is the biggest cause of road rage? Failure to use turn signals would be up there, and seeing others talking on their cellphones or texting has to be high on the list as well. According to Nevada Highway Patrol, the number one issue that causes road rage is folks hogging the left...

  • Man caught going 112 mph while using Snapchat Photo: Alpharetta DPS
    Georgia man caught going 112 mph 'for Snapchat'

    We don't think it's a tough concept: keep off your phone while driving. Alas, it takes more than a stern tone for the message to get through to some drivers. Maybe now this guy will understand how serious of an offense it is. Malon B. Neal, 24, was arrested after Alpharetta, Georgia police pulled...

  • 2016 Porsche Boxster Spyder

    Insomnia is a terrible thing. Wanting to doze off for a night's rest and being unable to can drive a person mad. In the case of one 79-year-old woman in Namur, Belgium, it drove her to go 147 mph, according to Gazet Van Antwerpen. The unnamed woman climbed out of bed after she was unable to sleep and decided to go for a drive to clear her head. However, she also decided to push her Porsche Boxster GTS past 140 mph—that's when a speed trap clocked her moving at the excessive speed around midnight. The infraction occurred last year, but the woman appeared in court this month. Her...

  • Man busted speeding 139 mph, Photo: Maine State Police
    Self-proclaimed 'good driver' jailed for speeding at 139 mph

    If you want to call yourself a "good driver," it's important to follow posted speed limits and obey local laws. That's what being a good driver is all about. Good drivers don't speed 70 mph over the posted limit. However, this is all a precursor to an infraction that actually did occur. NJ.com...

  • New ‘Top Gear’ hosts Chris Harris, Matt LeBlanc and Rory Reid
    "Top Gear" crew caught going 151 mph in Norway, might face jail time

    Norway is home to some of the strictest speed enforcement in all of Europe and the country isn't backing down even when it comes to a big name like "Top Gear." According to The Sun, the BBC's "Top Gear" is in the hot seat after speed detectors clocked vehicles associated with the show's crew...

  • 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
    Correction: Car salesmen arrested after 180 mph Dodge Charger Hellcat test drive

    Note to readers: The story below has been debunked as a hoax. We've kept the original story below to fess up that we messed up. We were duped, and we will work harder to verify sources and stories for readers in the future. We apologize. We totally understand showing off the features and benefits...

  • 2015 Hellcat
    Hellcat owner jailed after clocking 158 mph on public road

    Here's an instance where the black key would have helped the owner of this 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, rather than unlocking the full potential of the car with the famed red key. Maybe. Determined to show off all 707 horsepower in his new ride, an Illinois man piled his buddies into his 2016...

  • 2015 Audi R8 V10
    Audi R8 Speeder Fined $17k, Including Court Expenses To Call His Bluff

    A U.K. court calls an Audi R8 driver's bluff.

  • Police car with headlights on

    For those who spend a disproportionate amount of time driving cars, speed traps are an ever-present danger to driver’s licenses and insurance rates. No matter how much you invest in technology to warn you of speed enforcement, it seems that law enforcement is always one step ahead of you. Chances are good that you know where (and when) the police like to hide in your neighborhood, your town or even your city, but head out on the open road and it’s a whole other story. Cross state lines, and you may not know that a particular jurisdiction enforces the posted speed limit with...

  • Justin Bieber talking to police in his chrome Fisker Karma - Image courtesy KABC-TV
    Justin Bieber Cited For Speeding In His Chrome Fisker Karma

    Teen idol Justin Bieber was given a citation by L.A. police on Friday for allegedly speeding in his chromed out Fisker Karma

  • Police car with headlights on
    Don't Fine Drivers For Speeding - Pay Them To Obey Limits

    Behavioral psychology tells us that there are two ways to modify human or animal behavior. Negative reinforcement, as the name implies, generally involves something unpleasant in reaction to an undesired behavior. Positive reinforcement involves some sort of reward for acting as desired. Generally...

  • 2011 Dodge Charger Pursuit police vehicle
    Judge Rules That Flashing Of Headlights Is Free Speech

    In most states, it’s common practice to flash your headlights to warn of road hazards ahead. The warning can apply to a wide range of dangers, but it’s most often used to warn oncoming motorists about police speed enforcement. In a perfect world, law enforcement would support this...

  • Suzuki Hayabusa
    Iowa Man Convicted Of 188-MPH Run From Police

    A Council Bluffs, Iowa man was convicted of attempting to elude police at speeds up to 188 mph, following a 2009 traffic stop.

  • 75 mph speed limit sign. Photo via Flickr user CountyLemonade/CC2.0
    An Android App For... Cruise Control?

    App writer Cellurl has created an app that interfaces with your car to act as a cruise control, and we're not sure that's an entirely good idea.

  • Cordon multi-vehicle radar tracking

    If you've previously taken a few liberties with speed, knowing that a radar trap will catch someone else instead, then you'd better hope your local law enforcement won't be using one of these any time soon... The Cordon photo radar system is the latest in radar speed detection technology, able to track every vehicle on the road through a certain area and make instant judgements on their speed, grading them according to lawlessness. According to Engadget, the Cordon generates two images, one wide-angle shot and another closeup to pick out drivers' licence plates. It can track up to 32 vehicles...

  • 75 mph speed limit sign. Photo via Flickr user CountyLemonade/CC2.0
    Maine Now Only Eastern State With 75 MPH Speed Limit

    If you're a fan of driving fast (legally) on the interstate, you're generally going to prefer states west of the Mississippi--except, now, for one small part of Maine. Why? Because a section of Interstate 95 in the northeastern corner of the state today bumped up the limit from 65 mph to 75 mph...

  • 2012 Acura TSX
    2012 Porsche 911 Cabriolet, Speeding, 2012 Acura TSX: Car News Headlines

    We spy the 2012 Porsche 911 Cabriolet, and it looks like you would expect. Learn how to drive your Ferrari in the winter at Ferrari's new winter driving school. We personally love seeing a prancing horse in the snow. Don't fight a speeding ticket in Massachusetts, even if you're innocent. You'll...

  • David Guetta
    DJ Superstar David Guetta Gets Lifetime Driving Ban For Speeding

    World renowned DJ David Guetta has reportedly lost his license for life in his native France due to speeding. During a recent interview with German newspaper Bild to promote his latest album Nothing But The Beat, 43-year old Guetta revealed that he was dealt the lifetime driving ban because he was...

  • 2012 Lexus LFA
    Kyle Busch Loses License For 128 MPH Lexus LFA Speeding Offence

    NASCAR star Kyle Busch had a run in with the law back in May when he was pulled over near his home in Mooresville, North Carolina for doing 128 mph in a 45 mph zone. The car he was driving was a bright yellow Lexus LFA supercar similar to the one pictured, which he had borrowed for a test drive...

  • BMW Pathfinder "micronavigation" system prototype
    GPS Racing: Over 7 Million Brits Try And Beat The Sat Nav

    How long will a journey take from point A to point B? To get the answer, many of us will punch the destination into our GPS satellite navigation devices which give us an estimated time of arrival (ETA). However, a new survey thinks that subconsciously trying to beat the displayed ETA could be...

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