Insomnia is a terrible thing. Wanting to doze off for a night's rest and being unable to can drive a person mad. In the case of one 79-year-old woman in Namur, Belgium, it drove her to go 147 mph, according to Gazet Van Antwerpen.

The unnamed woman climbed out of bed after she was unable to sleep and decided to go for a drive to clear her head. However, she also decided to push her Porsche Boxster GTS past 140 mph—that's when a speed trap clocked her moving at the excessive speed around midnight. The infraction occurred last year, but the woman appeared in court this month. Her reasoning for going so fast? "I couldn't sleep."

We totally get the idea of going for a drive to clear one's mind, but blasting to speeds fit for a race circuit is another thing entirely.

When asked if someone else was driving, she took responsibility for her actions. The court's fines weren't too kind; the woman was forced to pay a 4,000 euro fine (about $4,650) and now faces a three-month driving ban. She did admit she wasn't aware of how fast she was going at the time.

To any other 79-year-old women out there who can't sleep may we kindly suggest counting sheep, some decaffeinated tea, or maybe a cup of warm milk? Those things do the trick sometimes. They're a lot less expensive than $4,650 in fines, too.