A suburban Dallas man has paid for a speeding ticket he received with pennies to, in his words, "make a big spectacle of it."

Brett Sanders says he was ticketed for driving 39 mph in a 30 mph zone in his Frisco, Texas, neighborhood. Even though he admits he was speeding, he says the police officer was wrong in giving him a $212 ticket.

"I didn't hurt anybody. I didn't endanger anybody's life," he told NBC affiliate KXAS.

He gathered up 22,000 pennies and unceremoniously dumped them on the counter (and the floor) at the Frisco Municipal Court. The city's staff spent about three hours gathering up the spilled pennies and taking them to Coinstar coin counters.

YouTube video has gone viral

On his YouTube page, Sanders calls the ticket "extortion" and says he was "convicted by a jury." He also says he was "subject to $212 at the barrel of a gun."

Those statements are strong—and probably a stretch. Still, his little man against big government ruse has gone viral with more than 1.5 million YouTube views in the last week. By now, he has probably made back the $220 he delivered in pennies.

For the record, the City of Frisco says they owe him about $8 since he overpaid the fine.

Sanders works in IT and is said to be a strong proponent of the first and second amendment.


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