What's quicker than a Lamborghini Murcielago, Ford GT, and BMW M4 around the Nürburgring? None other than a Mazda Miata, believe it or not.

Well, it's not a stock Mazda Miata, but the feat is pretty spectacular nonetheless. Koenigsegg's test driver, Robert Serwanski, recently took to The Green Hell in his last-generation Miata NC track car and clocked a damn impressive 7:49.74. As mentioned, that time is quicker than a handful of supercars and sports cars, per official Nürburgring lap records.

Serwanski was kind enough to shoot a driver's perspective video of his lap and post it to YouTube. Per the video's description, the Miata NC features coilover suspension, upgraded brakes, stickier tires for the track, a larger radiator, an ECU remap, a close-ratio gearbox, and carbon-fiber seats to shave weight. With the modifications, the Miata weighs 2,425 pounds with Serwanski sitting inside, and the Miata makes 30 more horsepower than its factory rating of 167 hp. Those mods in a light car are certainly a recipe for a quick lap time, but a sub 8-minute time with just 197 hp is insane. It helps Serwanski is used to piloting cars like the Koenigsegg One:1, however.

As they say, sometimes all it takes is a little bit of help from the aftermarket and a really good driver to set some seriously quick times. Serwanski is definitely the right guy for the job. Have a look at his run in the video above and be astonished.


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