If you want to call yourself a "good driver," it's important to follow posted speed limits and obey local laws. That's what being a good driver is all about. Good drivers don't speed 70 mph over the posted limit.

However, this is all a precursor to an infraction that actually did occur. NJ.com reports Sang Yook was traveling down Interstate 95 in Maine when a state police aircraft clocked the man traveling at 139 mph. The aircraft radioed local patrol who quickly caught up to Yook's BMW Z4.

"There was no one aroundthe road was very straight, very tempting," said Yook. The trooper then initiated a traffic stop and activated his lights and siren. Yook immediately pulled over. As soon as Yook stepped out of the car, he was arrested and he admitted to going 130 mph, not 139 mph as the aircraft reported.

"I had the car in cruise control at 75 for most of the trip," Yook said. "But this guy was tailgaiting behind me and I thought, 'Why do you want to fool around with a nice sports car like this?'" Yook maintained he was trying to get away from another driver, which apparently required doubling the posted speed limit of 70 mph. "I was really surprised that he had arrested me. I think I'm a good driver." Famous last words, no doubt.

Yook was unable to post bail and sat overnight in a Maine jail. The next morning, he was sentenced to 48 hours jail time and ordered to pay a $300 fine.

This isn't the first case of excessive speeding that has landed a driver in big trouble. An Illinois man was jailed for going 158 mph on a local highway while trying to show off in his Dodge Challenger Hellcat to his buddies. Yook says his lesson learned was not to speed in the state of Maine, but how about not speeding at all?