Norway is home to some of the strictest speed enforcement in all of Europe and the country isn't backing down even when it comes to a big name like "Top Gear."

According to The Sun, the BBC's "Top Gear" is in the hot seat after speed detectors clocked vehicles associated with the show's crew blasting through the 3.5-mile long Atlantic Ocean Tunnel at speeds up 151 mph. The posted speed limit is 50 mph. One car was clocked between 105 and 122 mph, while the other managed the high score of 151 mph. The speeds were all registered by an automated system and local police were not present to verify who was driving or to reaffirm the excess speeds.

Authorities are investigating who was behind the wheel of the Ferrari GT4 Lusso and Porsche Panamera Sport when the speeds were clocked. However, it should be noted, "Top Gear" often uses stunt drivers to fill in for the hosts when filming supplementary footage. Hosts Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris were in the country at the time of production, but the BBC stated neither were in the area at the time of the incident. Rory Reid was not mentioned in the broadcast network's statement.

Still, it doesn't change the fact excessive speeding in Norway carries a mandatory sentence between 18 and 175 days in jail. Additionally, it prompts not-so-small fines and a license suspension.

"Top Gear" was also granted a filming permit which shut the road down for 12 minutes and allowed the crew to travel up to 87 mph on the stretch of road where the alleged infractions took place. After word of the speeding came through, the show's permit was revoked. 

The official "Top Gear" Twitter page featured a photo of LeBlanc and Harris last week and announced filming for series 25 of the show had begun. However, it sounds like it's been a rough start thus far.