Junkyards have long been the resting place for nearly all vehicles, but NASCAR icon Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a different idea for crashed out and wrecked race cars.

Deep in the backwoods of Dirty Mo Acres, a secret race car graveyard resides. It's the final resting place for dozens of NASCAR race cars from over the years as they become one with nature. Of course, fluids, rubber, and anything else that isn't kind to the environment is removed before the cars are laid to rest.

The crew has some fun with the graveyard, too—there are no designated spots. Instead, wherever looks good is deemed appropriate and the car is unloaded. Since these cars have all seen better days, they aren't exactly let down gently either. For example, the Chevrolet SS stock car in the video above is unloaded with a quick throttle rev and dump of the clutch. Other cars are picked up with heavy machinery and dropped onto their grave. Quite frankly, it looks like fun.

And we bet it's actually pretty neat to see dozens of race cars sitting amid miles of greenery. It looks like an eerie montage of race cars' better days. We'd even call it a natural museum of sorts—even the No. 24 rainbow car has a grave in the forest. Have a look for yourself in the video above.