Getting pulled over for speeding is a near inevitably for every driver. Whether it's the guilt of getting caught or the pain of paying a ticket, it never feels good.

Some people go to court to fight speeding tickets, and if you're thinking about doing that you might want to read this story first.

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U.K. resident David Pickup was clocked doing 101 mph in his Audi R8, and naturally drew the attention of the law, according to BBC News. He was caught by a police speed camera and asked the officers if they could "call it 98."

In court, he went even further, claiming that he had never broken the 70-mph speed limit in the area where he'd been traveling. His lawyers questioned the accuracy of an in-car speed camera used to catch Pickup and his R8.

While many people have found it easy to beat a speeding ticket, the particular prosecutor involved in this case wasn't going to be dissuaded.

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He hired an expert and rented an airfield to conduct tests with an R8, and presented the findings to the court. Not surprisingly, they didn't support Pickup's claims.

So not only did the court fine pickup 675 pounds ($1,062) and give him six points on his license, but it also made him pay the costs of the prosecution which--including the airfield testing session--came out to 10,384 pounds ($16,337).

At over $17,000, that's probably one of the most expensive speeding tickets ever handed out. It just goes to show that sometimes you're better off admitting when your wrong than trying to deny it.


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