What do you think is the biggest cause of road rage? Failure to use turn signals would be up there, and seeing others talking on their cellphones or texting has to be high on the list as well.

According to Nevada Highway Patrol, the number one issue that causes road rage is folks hogging the left lane on a highway. They clog up the passing lane for reasons that vary from a vapid mindset of not paying attention to those who believe it's their duty to enforce the speed limit. Regardless of the why, the left-lane hog is a highway scourge and now the state of Nevada has done something about it.

As of July 1, a fresh law has gone into effect that allows police officers to ticket those they see camping out in the left lane. If you're over there, you'd better be going at least the speed limit. The law hasn't been created to allow for speeding, mind you, but rather to ease the flow of traffic. When folks jam traffic by sitting in the left lane they cause a chain reaction of cars slowing behind them. This also causes some folks to angrily pass on the right, which is never a great move.

The Nevada Highway Patrol knows that speeding is still an issue, according to a report on KTNV. Still, they see left-lane hogs as causing the majority of any road rage issues on the highway. This should help alleviate that. First-time offenders are hit with a $50 fine. Do it again and that rises to $100, and if you're caught a third time you're now on the hook for $250.

We think the fourth time you should be forced to put something on your car that signifies you're a selfish driver, and you should also be restricted to nothing but the far right lane.


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