If you've previously taken a few liberties with speed, knowing that a radar trap will catch someone else instead, then you'd better hope your local law enforcement won't be using one of these any time soon...

The Cordon photo radar system is the latest in radar speed detection technology, able to track every vehicle on the road through a certain area and make instant judgements on their speed, grading them according to lawlessness.

According to Engadget, the Cordon generates two images, one wide-angle shot and another closeup to pick out drivers' licence plates. It can track up to 32 vehicles at a time across four lanes.

Not only is it accurate, it's also sneaky - it's small and durable, and can be mounted high up making it harder to spot, so when you see those radar warning signs you'd better slow down. Think of it as being similar to the licence plate recognition systems the police use in their patrol cars, only a lot less conspicuous.

Vehicles are rated on a three-color scale. Vehicles rated as green are law-abiding citizens, yellow means you're pushing the luck but not breaking the law enough to trouble anyone, and red means your ticket's in the mail.

You won't have to worry about Big Brother for another few months though, as the Cordon isn't due in North America until the first quarter of 2012.

In the mean time, you could always start thinking of some creative excuses... or just hope your State decides against them for privacy reasons.