A 75-year-old central Minnesota man has been arrested after police discovered he'd spread nails across the road outside of his home to punish speeding drivers over the course of a few months.

Police charged Joseph Kurimay with one count of damage to property after an investigatioln into the nail damage began last October, local CBS news affiliate WCCO reported on Friday. It began after a woman reported to police that a nail punctured her tire. After a local shop examined the nail, the shop noted that a number of vehicles had shown up with similar damage.

Police confirmed that the shop had repaired "dozens" of flat tires with an identical nail causing the puncture. Police tracked the nail, a 1.5-inch steel cap mason nail, to a local Menards, and dug into surveillance video and purchase records that showed Kurimay purchasing the nails a handful of times.

When police obtained a warrant and searched Kurimay's home, he originally denied purchasing the nails and claimed he didn't know what a mason nail is. Authorities also found partial nails and a full nail lying in the street outside his home. The man then claimed he took the matter into his own hands, in a vigilante streak, after blaming the government for not solving the speeding problem.

His attempt at vigilante justice cost 115 drivers a total of $22,630. Each driver noted they'd traveled down the nail-laden street before receiving a puncture. Now, Kurimay could face up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Kurimay's idea of justice is apparently a case of do as I say, not as I do. His record shows he's been ticketed for speeding several times.