An Idaho driver served up a batch of donuts to showcase his displeasure with the court system before wrecking his Honda Accord into the Boise courthouse's fountain. That's one way to grab attention.

The Idaho Statesman reported on Sunday that 37-year-old Jonathan Joseph Locksmith drove into the courthouse's plaza before performing donuts and crashing into a fountain. The report claims the man was upset with the court system and wanted to crash into the courthouse, but there's no indication as to the source of his consternation. Fortunately, no one was injured in the bizarre incident.

Locksmith reportedly told a bystander that he wanted to go back to jail before undertaking the reckless driving. He got his wish.

Police charged Locksmith with a misdemeanor of reckless driving and he currently sits in the Ada County jail. The report noted the man has a pre-trial on December 19 for a battery charge that dates back to the past September. However, it's unclear what actually caused the man's anger over the system.

We're certainly all for hooning about, but obviously in the right circumstances and in safe conditions at a track. For Locksmith, that didn't matter and if it's jail he sought, local police were more than happy to oblige.

"He just told us he wanted to go to jail, and that’s where he ultimately went," Lieutenant Dana Borgquist said of the man and his actions.


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