• Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay Leno [via USA Today]

      Man With Steering Wheel: ...And this, of course, is the steering wheel. Jay Leno: Ordinarily, that's connected to the car, right? MWSW: Ach! You Americans. Such kopfschmerzen you give me. How do you put up with it, Arnold? Arnold Schwarzenegger: ...Huh? MWSW: I asked how you put up with all the dummkopfen in your new homeland. Jay: Actually, I was making a joke. MWSW: Is that so? Please to be leaving the joke-making to the professionals like your governor and Mr. Hasselhoff. Jay: You know that I'm a comedian, right? MWSW: Gott im himmel! Is this true, Arnie? Arnold: ...Huh? MWSW: (Slapping...

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger [via SocialiteLife]
    Schwarzenegger's Porsche 911 Cabrio Spotlights Arnie's Angst

    Dear Arnold Schwarzenegger: You are a perfect example of why sane people shouldn't go into politics. Prior your election, you were beloved by thousands -- an idol for bodybuilders, philanderers, and weekend action heroes the world over.  Since becoming Herr Governator, however, the tide has...

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