S400 Hybrid

  • Demi Moore test drives a Mercedes-Benz S400 hybrid

    In the Twitterverse, there are many celebrities. Some are real. Some are fake. And then there's Coco, who's probably 50/50. (Only her plastic surgeon knows for sure.) One of the real celebs, Ms. Demi Moore, took a spin yesterday in a brand new Mercedes-Benz S400 hybrid. Said Moore, in 140 characters or less, "Trying out the new Mercedes Hybrid-love that they are going green and with style!" She followed it up with the saucy pic at left. It's a perfect ride for the eco-minded Moore, but is it a hint for the holiday list? Or is it for the birthday list, since Moore turns 48 in November? Either...

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    Mercedes-Benz Planning New R&D Center: U.S.-Built Diesel Hybrids On The Way?

    Mercedes-Benz is investing in an alternative powertrain R&D center on the Detroit Diesel campus.

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