• Prototype Audi RS 8

    Audi built a prototype RS 8 model in 2013 with 520 horsepower. Alas, it never came to production.

  • Audi celebrates 25 years of RS badge
    Audi marks 25 years of RS badge

    The Audi RS line began in 1994 with the RS 2 Avant and has since expanded to include 25 models with more on the way.

  • 2011 Audi RS5
    More RS Models Coming To U.S. Says Audi Sales Chief

    The Audi TT RS has just gone and sale and the next RS model, the RS5, is due out next year.

  • Audi's TT RS at the Chicago Auto Show
    2012 Audi TT RS Makes U.S. Debut At 2011 Chicago Auto Show

    We’ve known that the awesome Audi TT RS--and its RS5 big brother--would be making it to the U.S. in 2011 for some time now, and at this past week’s 2011 Chicago Auto Show the TT RS finally made its local debut. Unfortunately, there are still no plans to bring over the Roadster version...

  • Ford Focus RS badge
    Sporty RS Based On 2012 Ford Focus May Get Hybrid AWD System

    It’s a well known fact that the U.S. misses out on most of Ford’s hot products, but with a push for new global models taking shape in Blue Oval offices around the world hopefully we will start to see more of these coveted models make their way into local showrooms. Last year reports emerged...

  • 2011 Shelby GT500
    Ford Establishes Global Engineering Team For Future Performance Vehicles

    Jost Capito. The name should ring a bell for most Ford performance fans but for the uninitiated he is the current chief of Ford's global performance vehicles and motorsports business development and one of the key men behind the 305 horsepower Ford Focus RS super-hatch sold overseas. With such...

  • Renault Clio RS

    Renault just unveiled the brand-new Clio in February and barely a month later it was out with the hotted-up Renaultsport (RS) variant in Geneva. The car features many of the same performance upgrades found on bigger brother the Megane RS, but in a more compact and peaky package. Now we have a new set of photos to ogle as Renault prepares for the car's May 15 UK launch followed by an end-of-June start to sales. The engine is definitely a pint-sized powerhouse, but it pays the price with a torque curve biased toward the higher end. The 2.0L 16-valve unit generates 200hp (149kW) but does so at...

  • 2009 Skoda Octavia RS facelift
    Skoda adds facelifted RS and Scout to Octavia lineup

    Having already released the facelifted version of its Octavia saloon at last year’s Paris Motor Show, Czech carmaker Skoda has finally added the updated versions of the performance Octavia RS and the Octavia Scout soft-roader to its lineup. Besides numerous design changes, both cars offer new...

  • ford fiesta mountune 005
    Report: Ford canceling Fiesta RS

    The lamentations of American hatch fans - as few as they may be - over the unfairness of Europe's bounty are legendary. But soon it's European hatch fans that may be sobbing, mourning the stillbirth of Ford's tiniest hot hatch, the Fiesta RS. The initial report, sourced by an interview of Jost...

  • 2010 camaro official reveal motorauthority 019
    Chevy launches new Camaro site, releases full details as production starts

    The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro starts production today, and the company is celebrating the kick off of production of the 14,000 cars already pre-ordered. Rated at a stellar-for-its-niche 29mpg highway by the EPA, the all-new Camaro is now the most fuel efficient muscle car soon to hit the market. In...

  • 2009 Twingo RS
    Renault reviving Gordini name for new in-house tuner

    Following news that Renault has scrapped plans to bring back its legendary Alpine name for a new standalone sports car, hope has been reignited with comments from one of the carmaker’s senior executives that the Gordini name will be revived instead. For those unfamiliar with the French...

  • 2009 scion xb rs 60 001
    Scion xB Release Series 6.0 priced, coming to 2009 NAIAS

    As the Detroit Auto Show approaches, more vehicles that will be on display are coming to light. Today Scion announced the xB Release Series 6.0, the latest in its limited-edition Release Series (RS) line of vehicles. Starting at just $1,743 over the base xB's pricing of $16,420, the RS 6.0 will get...

  • skoda octavia rs concept 001

    October’s Paris Motor Show saw Skoda unveil the facelifted version of its Octavia midsize sedan, and now less than two months later the carmaker has revealed a new concept version at the Essen Motor Show. The concept is the Octavia RS+, and most of its modifications are purely stylistic as the standard Octavia’s powertrain has been left unchanged. Some of the highlights of the concept include the black chrome alloy wheels, dark plastic front splitter and rear diffuser, and black side mirrors. Inside, designers have added a contrasting two-tone theme with piano-black dash elements...

  • audi rs6 sedan side 3 4
    Audi rules out diesels, hybrids, and SUVs for RS lineup

    Mercedes Benz has offered a diesel model under its AMG label (in Europe at least) as well as a SUV, and BMW’s usually stringent M Division is currently working on a pair of new SUV models and has even hinted at installing a hybrid energy-recovery system in its future models, but the guys at...

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