The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro starts production today, and the company is celebrating the kick off of production of the 14,000 cars already pre-ordered. Rated at a stellar-for-its-niche 29mpg highway by the EPA, the all-new Camaro is now the most fuel efficient muscle car soon to hit the market. In this new video, you get a walk-around from the vehicle's chief engineer as he discusses some of the new muscle machine's finer points.

General Motors also launched a new site for the Camaro today, showing off exactly what you'll get for the $22,995 entry price on up to the $34,180 2SS trim. The V6 models deliver 18mpg city and 29mpg highway in automatic transmission form or 18mpg city and 25mpg with the six-speed manual.

The 3.6L V6 gets such great fuel economy while still maintaining 304hp output because of its SIDI (spark ignition direct injection) technology, which allows precise metering of fuel use and very high compression ratios - 11.3:1 on regular pump gas. Most engines that run that high a compression ratio require premium.

The V8 models both score 16mpg city and again the automatic scores better than the manual, with 25mpg highway versus the stick shift's 24mpg, thanks in part to the L99's Active Fuel Management displacement-on-demand system, though it also gives up 26hp to the LS3 found in the manual. As GM is quick to point out, that's a significant step up from the Dodge Challenger SRT8's 14mpg city/22mpg highway rating. All V8 Camaros get acoustically tuned intake runners and a roller-lifter style camshaft with 5% greater intake valve lift than the Covette's LS3.

All three engines also deliver peak power at 5,900rpm, but torque is a different story, with the V6 peaking with 273lb-ft (370Nm) at 5,200rpm, the L99 V8 maxing out at 410lb-ft (556Nm) at 4,300rpm and the LS3 topping out at 420lb-ft (569Nm) at 4,600rpm. Both of the V8s deliver enough low-end punch to make acceleration satisfying from anywhere in the curve, while the V6 looks like it will have to be kept wound up to deliver the fun when saddled with the roughly 3,700lb chassis of the Camaro.

New rolling shots of the Rally Yellow Camaro show it outfitted with the RS appearance package, and an indeterminate trim level, though judging by the sound of the exhaust, it's likely to be a V8-powered SS model. The RS appearance package adds $1,450 to the price of the LT trim, or $1,200 for the SS and includes HID headlights, a spoiler, 20in wheels, darker tail lights and body-colored roof-ditch moldings.

For more on the car's technical side, watch the video below, or check out some of our previous coverage.