Opel GT

  • Opel GT concept, 2016 Geneva Motor Show

    Behold the new Opel GT. The car is a concept built in true sports car form, with lightweight construction, a rear-wheel-drive layout and a cabin with only the bare essentials. It’s not clear what platform the concept rides on but perhaps it’s the one being developed for the rear-wheel-drive compact sedan Cadillac bosses have been hinting at recently. Opel won't put this particular concept into production, though. Opel explains that it built the concept to signal the sporty, youthful image the brand is seeking. It also advances the design language Opel first previewed with the...

  • Opel GT concept, 2016 Geneva Motor Show
    Opel Shows Off Interior Of Geneva-Bound GT Concept

    We've already seen the exterior of the rear-wheel drive Opel GT concept, and now we're getting a look at the sports car's interior ahead of its debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show next month. The interior is styled to mirror the exterior, with the same combination of dominant silver with red and...

  • Teaser for Opel GT concept debuting at 2016 Geneva Motor Show
    Opel GT Concept Partially Revealed In New Teaser Video

    Opel is set to unveil a new GT concept at March’s 2016 Geneva Motor Show and to build excitement is running a teaser campaign. Video clips below feature Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann who talks about seeing the brand with a “fresh pair of eyes.” We also get a partial reveal of the...

  • A 1971 Opel Manta  Image: Charles01
    Will A Management Change At GM Europe Lead To A New Opel Manta?

    Karl Stracke is set to take the reins at GM Europe, and we say that's a good thing; Stracke sees potential in an updated version of the Opel Manta and Opel GT

  • 1972 Opel GT
    Honey, I Shrunk The 'Vette: The Opel GT Story

    If I say "Opel," what comes to mind? That’s right, a German manufacturer of mainstream cars for the Average Joe. You might know them as Saturns, Buicks and Cadillacs in the United States, but sometimes they also build surprising machines like the Manta, Calibra and, in cooperation with a...

  • Irmscher Opel GT i40 joins V8 ranks
    Irmscher Opel GT i40 joins V8 ranks

    The Irmscher Opel GT i40 is the latest of the cars sharing GM's global rear-drive Kappa platform to get a V8-transplant. And even though it's not the first, it's certainly one of the most powerful. The Solstice and Sky (the GT's American counterparts) have often been called 'baby Corvettes' but...

  • Steinmetz Opel GT debuts at Essen Motor Show

    The Opel GT (Saturn Sky) platform is one the most stylish roadsters on the market despite its budget connotations and combined with a turbocharged powerplant you’d think it would be one of the most popular tuner cars around. Surprisingly, tuner kits for the GT are few and far between, but one company offering such performance upgrades is Germany’s Steinmetz. Steinmetz adds an exhaust kit with a twin rear silencer made fully from stainless steel. Also available is a lowering kit, which drops the car up to 20mm. This is combined with a new wheel and tire package ranging from 18in up...

  • Opel launches GT Roadster in Europe
    Opel Launches GT Roadster In Europe

    General Motors Company's [NYSE:GM] European division has just launched the hot two-seater Opel GT roadster, the latest achievement from its badge-engineering exercise between Saturn and Opel. The GT roadster follows the classic roadster definition perfectly with its powerful front-mounted engine...

  • GM’s Kappa gives birth to Saturn Sky/Opel GT
    GM’s Kappa Gives Birth To The Saturn Sky And Opel GT

    Platform sharing seems to be the route most car manufacturers are taking in these days of parts rationalization and cost cutting. Just as General Motors Company's [NYSE:GM] Zeta platform will give birth to the new Camaro and GTO (here’s hoping), the American auto giant's smaller rear-drive...

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