Platform sharing seems to be the route most car manufacturers are taking in these days of parts rationalization and cost cutting.

Just as General Motors Company's [NYSE:GM] Zeta platform will give birth to the new Camaro and GTO (here’s hoping), the American auto giant's smaller rear-drive Kappa platform will form the basis of a new roadster concept called the Opel GT (Vauxhall GT in U.K.) for European markets and as the Saturn Sky for the U.S., to go along side the Kappa-based Pontiac Solstice which is already in production.

Both of the new cars will have a performance version running a supercharged four cylinder that will most likely produce 260 horsepower, which should be good for a 5.5-second sprint for the 0-60.

Is this simply a case of badge engineering all over again? We all saw what happened with the horrible lovechild from Saab and Subaru.


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