McLaren Speedtail

  • McLaren Speedtail PP2 prototype spy shots - Photo credit: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

    McLaren's latest flagship is a hybrid hypercar with 1,035 horsepower and an F1-style 3-seat layout.

  • McLaren Speedtail
    McLaren Speedtail specs make it a worthy F1 successor

    The McLaren Speedtail will arrive early next year as a successor to the beloved F1, and the supercar's spec sheet makes it worthy of that title. The British marque said the Speedtail will produce a total combined power output of 1,035 horsepower and 848 pound-feet of torque. As we suspected, a...

  • McLaren Speedtail design theme
    McLaren shows off Speedtail design themes so no two cars look alike

    McLaren will build 106 examples of its forthcoming supercar, the Speedtail, and not one of them will be like the other. The company will offer nearly endless options to personalize the car for each buyer. To help customers juice their creative muscles, McLaren released a small design collection to...

  • McLaren Speedtail
    1 of 106: McLaren Speedtail build slot up for grabs

    Check the couch for change because a McLaren Speedtail build slot is currently for sale. Although McLaren in the Speedtail's announcement said all 106 vehicles were spoken for, it appears one of them is not. Knight International, a company that specializes in acquiring and selling rare cars...

  • McLaren Speedtail prototype
    McLaren Speedtail prototype begins rigorous test program

    After revealing the Speedtail last month, McLaren has announced it's ready to begin a rigorous test program for its new flagship Ultimate Series car. On Friday, the British marque unveiled the first Speedtail prototype as it gears up for a year-long test regimen across the globe. The prototype...

  • McLaren Speedtail
    Here's why McLaren's Speedtail isn't street-legal in US

    McLaren finally introduced a true successor to the legendary F1 supercar on Friday in the form of the Speedtail, but the latest go-fast machine from the British firm shares one key detail with the F1 that isn't so fantastic: it's not street-legal in the U.S. Like the F1, only 106 examples of the...

  • McLaren Speedtail

    McLaren on Friday unveiled a car billed as the spiritual successor to the legendary F1: the Speedtail. It's a streamlined hypercar with a central driving position and hybrid powertrain, and just 106 will be built, the number matching the original number of F1s sold. Unlike rival hypercars like the upcoming Aston Martin Valkyrie and Mercedes-AMG One, the Speedtail isn't designed for carving up racetracks, although with an available 1,035 horsepower it will still put in blistering lap times. ALSO SEE: Here's why McLaren's Speedtail isn't street-legal in US Rather, McLaren said the Speedtail has...

  • Custom badges on the McLaren Speedtail
    McLaren Speedtail buyers can customize the badges on their car

    McLaren is putting the finishing touches on its fastest car ever. Dubbed the Speedtail, it's the latest in the automaker's Ultimate Series and is set to make a public debut Oct. 26th. Ahead of the reveal, McLaren is asking Speedtail buyers for final input into the design of their own cars. One way...

  • Teaser for McLaren Speedtail debuting October 26
    McLaren Speedtail coming with more than 987 horsepower

    McLaren plans to unveil its spiritual successor to the famed F1 later this year and we now have a ballpark horsepower figure for the hyper GT named Speedtail. Speaking to Top Gear, McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt said he can't share exactly how much power the Speedtail makes but "it’s more than 987...

  • Teaser for McLaren Speedtail debuting October 26
    McLaren confirms Speedtail name, 2018 reveal for F1 successor

    McLaren's spiritual successor to the F1 will be called a Speedtail, the British firm announced Wednesday. The name is meant to evoke the car's flowing, highly streamlined design. Code-named the BP32 and described as a hyper GT, the Speedtail will make its debut later this year ahead of the first...

  • Teaser for McLaren Speedtail debuting October 26
    McLaren teases F1 successor, says it will be faster, more powerful than P1

    McLaren showed its newest supercar to the public this month at the 2017 Geneva auto show, but behind closed doors the company's talking about what's next. Not the next car, but rather the next "F1." The company insists that it's not looking to replace the F1, rather that its next hypercar...

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