McLaren is putting the finishing touches on its fastest car ever. Dubbed the Speedtail, it's the latest in the automaker's Ultimate Series and is set to make a public debut Oct. 26th.

Ahead of the reveal, McLaren is asking Speedtail buyers for final input into the design of their own cars. One way they can do so is with a unique custom badge, such as the one shown here finished in 18-karat white gold with carbon fiber inlays.

The British automaker refers to it as a badge of honor. It's yet another way in which McLaren's bespoke MSO division can deliver truly unique features for any buyer. This specific badge seen here was crafted by a specialist company from the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. The finished product is the result of hand-crafted work combined with laser-etched precision.

Custom badges on the McLaren Speedtail

Custom badges on the McLaren Speedtail

Rob Melville, McLaren Automotive's Design Director said in a statement that, "As beautiful pieces of exquisitely hand-crafted jewellery, the white-gold badges perfectly set off a car that in every way represents a new gold standard for McLaren luxury."

With the Speedtail, McLaren returns to a unique setup for the hypercar space. McLaren's dubbed the Speedtail a hyper GT, and it's three-seat configuration is a callback to the iconic setup of the McLaren F1. Like the legendary '90s supercar, McLaren plans to build just 106 examples of the Speedtail. This latest Ultimate Series car should prove a bit more potent than the F1.

Nearly 1,000 horsepower will come from a hybrid powertrain. Its top speed target is north of 243 mph, as that's what the F1 was capable of achieving back in the '90s. That's all that McLaren has released ahead of the Speedtail's reveal. Once it's finally shown, it should prove to be a fascinating machine no matter which sort of badges it's wearing.