Ford had previously announced that it would build 1,000 units of its GT supercar. On Friday in Dearborn, Michigan, the Blue Oval announced it would expand that total to 1,350 cars and build them through 2022.

Ford will open up the application process on Nov. 8 and will take applications from North America and other select markets around the world. Those interested can apply at The application process will remain open for a month, Ford said.

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In its original application process, Ford took 6,500 applications. The company first approved 500 buyers, then expanded that to 750 later. A total of 90 buyers have fallen off the list, some because Ford can’t fulfill orders in certain foreign markets. That means the 690 buyers will be approved in the next application process. Previous applicants will have the opportunity to confirm or modify their original applications.

Applicants who are approved will hear back from Ford in the first quarter of 2019 and their cars will be delivered between 2020 and 2022. Each owner will work with the Ford GT Concierge Service to design and option their car.

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“By extending the Ford GT production run for a limited period, we’re able to maintain the exclusivity of the ultra-desirable supercar while offering the ownership experience to a greater number of customers,” said Herman Salenbauch, director of Ford performance.

Motor Authority spoke to Lauren Fix, the current owner of a 2017 Ford GT, who disagrees.

“I’m not happy because it dilutes the value of the cars,” Fix said. “There’s no changes to it. If they were increasing the horsepower or making a change to what it looks like, that would be different.”