In June we highlighted a very special Ford GT owned by paralyzed ex-racer Jason Watt. After going through how Watt controls the supercar with hand controls in a series of photos, a new video has surfaced showing what it takes for the ex-racer to push the car on a race track, in this case the Nürburgring, arguably the toughest race track in the world.

Watt's GT is one of the first production cars, and as mentioned in our previous post it features hand controls mounted to the right of the steering wheel. The controls allow Watt to control the GT without using his feet; the ex-racer is paralyzed from the chest down after a motorcycle accident in 1999.

Said accident has not taken the racer out of Watt, who pushes the GT better than any amateur racers operating traditional pedals on one of the world's most demanding race courses. And not only does the GT feature hand controls to make hot laps around the 'Ring possible, but there's also space and a roof rack for Watt's wheelchair on the roof. He jokes in the video that under 100 mph is likely the limit with the wheelchair hooked up, but admits the speedometer has seen triple digits occasionally. 

And Watt is a big fan of his Ford GT. He shares what he loves most about the car during the handful of laps around the 'Ring. Aside from the brisk acceleration, Watt thinks the braking and handling are top notch—good enough for a 7:00 lap time around the Green Hell when being driven properly, he imagines.

Grab a look at the conversation and Watt's incredible story in the video right up above.