The McLaren P1 LM is currently the fastest street-legal car around the Nürburgring, with retired racer and current McLaren test driver Kenny Bräck taking the car around the German track in just 6:43.22 during final testing in March 2017. The record for production cars is the 6:44.97 that was set by a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ earlier this year.

Recently, a P1 LM was taken for a run up Colorado's Pikes Peak. This wasn't a time attack so the driver wasn't pushing the car to its limits. It's still fun to watch, though. The sights and sounds are amazing.

Launched in 2017, the P1 LM isn't actually built by McLaren. The company responsible for it is Lanzante, which used the track-only P1 GTR as the basis. This is the same Lanzante that fielded the F1 GTR race car that won overall in the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans, and recently the firm’s been in the headlines for building street-legal versions of the P1 GTR.

2016 McLaren P1 LM prototype

2016 McLaren P1 LM prototype

Lanzante's P1 LM was developed as a spiritual successor to the McLaren F1 LM. Just six P1 were built, including a prototype, matching the original run of F1 LMs. One of the key modifications made by Lanzante was getting the P1 GTR’s hybrid drivetrain, rated at 986 horsepower, to run on pump gas. Other mods included gold-plated heat shields in the engine bay, a lighter exhaust system, and a more efficient intercooler.

Lanzante was also able to reduce weight by removing some items on the P1 GTR required for racing, such as the air jack, resulting in total weight savings of 132 pounds. The company also tweaked the aero elements to deliver even more downforce.

Lanzante followed up the P1 LM this year with another P1 GTR-based special, the P1 GT Longtail. And the company's latest project is a run of 930 Porsche 911s powered by original Tag Turbo Formula 1 engines. Just 11 will be built using engines that actually raced and won F1 grands prix.