Matthias Mueller

  • Volkswagen TDI 'clean diesel' television ad screencap

    Many executives are gone. More than $30 billion dollars have been spent in legal battles, retro-fits, and recalls. Yet on Monday we learned that Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller believes there is a coming "diesel renaissance." "Diesel will see a renaissance in the not-too-distant future because people who drove diesels will realize that it was a very comfortable drive concept," Mueller said Monday in Geneva. "Once the knowledge that diesels are eco-friendly firms up in people's minds, then for me there's no reason not to buy one." That's a bold statement, as reported by Automotive News Europe...

  • 2012 Porsche Cayman R
    Porsche Mulling Entry-Level Roadster And Cayman Targa

    Porsche has consistently expressed its desire to double its current levels of sales to around 150,000 to 200,000 vehicles in the mid to long term, and to do so its main strategy is to launch several new models including two whole new vehicle lines. Speaking with Automotive News, Porsche CEO...

  • 25,000th Porsche Panamera
    Porsche Testing Electric Panamera Prototype

    Electricity and high-performance cars may or may not mix, depending on your frame of reference, but whether you're a Tesla fan or a Formula 1 devotee, it's easy to agree that a hybrid or all-electric Porsche would be a welcome creation for sports car and EV fans alike. The famous sports car company...

  • 2011 Porsche Cayenne V6
    Matthias Mueller Appointed CEO Of Porsche

    It was only a year ago that Michael Macht replaced the ousted Wendelin Wiedeking as Porsche CEO but already there has been another switch of the top job at the famous sports car manufacturer. The role of Porsche CEO will now be played by Matthias Mueller, the former car-model chief strategist for...

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