Porsche Panamera S

Porsche Panamera S

Electricity and high-performance cars may or may not mix, depending on your frame of reference, but whether you're a Tesla fan or a Formula 1 devotee, it's easy to agree that a hybrid or all-electric Porsche would be a welcome creation for sports car and EV fans alike.

The famous sports car company from Stuttgart has already announced its intention to develop an all-electric model for eventual sale, and now the company’s incoming chairman, Matthias Mueller, has revealed that an electric version of the Panamera sedan is already being tested.

Speaking on the sidelines of the recent 2010 Paris Auto Show, Mueller went on to explain that Porsche is studying a business case for the car, but no production decision is expected anytime soon. When quizzed about the drive quality of the electric Panamera, Mueller boasted that it was “amazing”.

But don't let your mouth start watering with dreams of unlimited torque, instant response, four-wheel motors and continuous traction control--all marshaled with Porsche finesse and handling--just yet. Any production model won’t be arriving anytime soon.

There is some solace, however, for alternative sports car fans. Next year Porsche will launch a gasoline-electric hybrid version of the Panamera fitted with the same powertrain as the 2011 Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid.