Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

  • Touring Superleggera Aero 3 and 1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Speciale tipo race car

    Lovers of hand-crafted Italian sports cars have a new creation from the artisans at Touring Superleggera to drool over.

  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta at Fiorano
    Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Tears Up The Track: Video

    Following its reveal at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari’s stunning F12 Berlinetta has been spotted undergoing further testing at the automaker’s Fiorano test track in Italy. The V-12 supercar can be seen in this video being driven quite hard, with its driver even executing a drift...

  • Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire fitted to the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
    A Close Look At The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta’s Michelin Tires

    It doesn’t matter how much power you have under the hood, if you can’t get it to the ground sufficiently you won’t be going anywhere fast. Tires are one of the most overlooked features of a car, although they are arguably the single most important aspect in relation to...

  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta driving footage
    Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Hits The Road And Track: Video

    Ferrari’s latest video tells the story of the new F12 Berlinetta, from its raw aluminum state to its ultimate performance on the road and track. Designed from scratch, the F12 Berlinetta is the fastest and most powerful road going car in Ferrari’s history. Packing a new-generation...

  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta live photos
    Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Live Photos: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

    Ferrari’s latest supercar, the F12 Berlinetta, has finally made its official world debut and here are the live photos of the stunning GT in an also new Rosso Berlinetta paint finish. Introducing the car today at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show was Ferrari chairman and possible future politician...

  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta configuration tool live
    Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Site, Configuration Tool Launched

    While we're still trying to wrap our heads around the 729-horsepower, somewhat funkily-styled but still mightily impressive Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, we're pretty sure tweaking endless variations of the car through its new dedicated microsite and configuration tool will help light the way forward...

  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

    During the development of its latest supercar, the F12 Berlinetta, Ferrari employed the help of its Formula 1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa by getting them to hop behind the wheel of a prototype. As you may have already surmised, they almost immediately fell in love with the car after taking it for a quick spin. As Alonso points out during this short video clip of the F12 drive event, Ferraris are famous for their performance, design and noise, none of which this supercar appears to be lacking. Yes, Ferrari’s new F12 Berlinetta is the fastest and most powerful road car ever...

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