De Tomaso

  • De Tomaso P72

    The modern De Tomaso P72 supercar will meet the world's only P70 in Monterey.

  • De Tomaso P72
    De Tomaso makes return with stunning P72 supercar

    The same people behind the Apollo Intensa Emozione V-12 supercar is working on a revival of De Tomaso.

  • Ares Project 1
    Retro done right: Ares Project 1 channels the Pantera and 641 horsepower

    Ares, the Modena-based coachbuilder and tuner formed by ex-Lotus CEO Dany Bahar, has unveiled the first completed car in its Legends Reborn series. The series reimagines iconic supercars using modern design techniques and materials, not to mention performance, and the first member is the stunning...

  • Ares Project Panther
    Ares Project Panther: Huracán-based, Pantera-inspired coach-built special revealed

    Ares, the Modena-based coachbuilder and tuner formed by ex-Lotus CEO Dany Bahar, has unveiled its most ambitious car yet: the Project Panther. Based on the bones of a Lamborghini Huracán, the Project Panther takes its inspiration from another Italian performance machine, the De Tomaso...

  • De Tomaso Nuova Pantera concept unveiled in 1999
    De Tomaso's final car is heading to auction

    De Tomaso has an incredible history that was cut short much too soon. Although plans to revive the Italian sports car marque have been carried out a couple times, nothing has helped return the brand to its former glory. For those looking for one final piece of true De Tomaso history, RM Sotheby's...

  • 2015 De Tomaso Pantera concept by Stefan Schulze
    Designer Envisions A Modern De Tomaso Pantera

    A couple of weeks ago we learned that dormant Italian sports car brand De Tomaso was sold to a Chinese consortium for a little over $1 million, and that the new owner would most likely end up slapping the De Tomaso badge on a sedan built in China, as opposed to a new sports car built in Italy...

  • 2011 De Tomaso SLS (Sport Luxury Sedan) Concept

    The trials and tribulations of legendary Italian sports car brand De Tomaso is beginning to resemble a story played out in one of Italy’s famed operas, with news emerging today that a planned sale of the brand announced just one month ago has fallen through and the brand now lying in the hands of a consortium representing several Chinese firms. This comes after previous attempts to revive De Tomaso, which has been dormant since 2004, failed in 2012 and then again in 2014. ALSO SEE: Latest LaFerrari Crash Is Worst Yet According to Italy’s La Stampa, the deal last month to sell De...

  • 2011 De Tomaso SLS (Sport Luxury Sedan) Concept
    L3 Holding Buys Rights To De Tomaso, Promises Mid-Engine Sports Car

    Legendary Italian performance brand De Tomaso, at one time a Formula One constructor and maker of some tasty sports cars like the Pantera and Mangusta, recently came close to a revival when earlier this decade a group led by a former Fiat exec bought the rights and announced plans for some new...

  • De Tomaso Pantera
    De Tomaso Pantera Makes A Great Noise: Video

    Liven up your day with a little Ford V-8 music.

  • 1971 De Tomaso Pantera Jay Leno's Garage screencap
    Jay Leno drives a De Tomaso Pantera

    The latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage features a 1971 De Tomaso Pantera.

  • 2011 De Tomaso SLS (Sport Luxury Sedan) Concept
    ATS Acquires Rights To Fellow Italian Brand De Tomaso: Report

    There have been several attempts to revive once proud Italian sports car manufacturer De Tomaso, and now it looks like there’s set to be another. Most recently, a former Fiat manager acquired the rights to the brand and even unveiled a concept in 2011. The plans went sour and a new buyer was...

  • Ring Brothers ADRNLN De Tomaso Pantera, 2013 SEMA Show
    Ring Brothers Pantera Gets Adrenaline Pumping At SEMA 2013

    A modified De Tomaso Pantera will bring some Italian flare to the 2013 SEMA show.

  • 2011 De Tomaso SLS (Sport Luxury Sedan) Concept

    Once proud Italian sports car manufacturer De Tomaso has had a rough year. In February, it looked like the firm had attracted a Chinese buyer, and that construction of the De Tomaso SLS would soon begin at a former Pininfarina plant outside of Turin. Then came word that the deal with Car Luxury Investment, backed by Chinese investment group Hotyork, had fallen through. In July, De Tomaso was forced to file bankruptcy, which was quickly followed by the arrest of De Tomaso chairman Gian Mario Rossignolo on charges of improper use of funding. Since then, the courts have been trying to find a...

  • 2011 De Tomaso SLS (Sport Luxury Sedan) Concept
    Italian Police Arrest De Tomaso Chairman

    Just days after news that Italian automaker DeTomaso had filed for bankruptcy comes word that its chairman, Gian Mario Rossignolo, was arrested on allegations that some $9.2 million in public funds were used inappropriately in a botched turnaround effort. Rossignolo purchased the rights to the De...

  • 2011 De Tomaso SLS (Sport Luxury Sedan) Concept
    De Tomaso Files For Bankruptcy, Again

    Despite the grand visions of its latest owner, former Fiat executive Gian Mario Rossignolo, legendary Italian sports car brand De Tomaso has announced it has filed for bankruptcy. The announcement comes after a long period of uncertainty and a failed attempt to secure a Chinese buyer for the...

  • 2011 De Tomaso SLS (Sport Luxury Sedan) Concept
    De Tomaso Sold To Chinese Investment Firm

    One year ago, legendary Italian marque De Tomaso, rejuvenated by former Fiat exec Gian Mario Rossignolo and his family, unveiled the peculiar SLS (Sport Luxury Sedan) concept car at the Geneva Motor Show. Many questioned why a brand famous for building exotic sports cars would suddenly venture into...

  • Modern De Tomaso Pantera prototype
    De Tomaso Pantera Prototype Spotted Outside Factory: Video

    At March’s 2011 Geneva Motor Show, a rejuvenated De Tomaso, now run by former Fiat exec Gian Mario Rossignolo and his family, presented the controversial SLS luxury crossover concept and announced production of not just one but three distinct new models. These were to include a new crossover...

  • De Tomaso Pantera
    Reborn De Tomaso Pantera To Appear At 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show?

    The De Tomaso Pantera is the car credited with putting the Italian marque on the map--if only briefly. Having been in production from 1971 all the way up to the early 1990s, the Pantera could be found in showrooms all across the globe and even ended up in the garage of rock legend Elvis Presley. In...

  • 2011 De Tomaso SLC Concept

    The last we heard of legendary Italian marque De Tomaso, reports were claiming that a former Fiat exec by the name of Gian Mario Rossignolo was trying to resurrect it and was seeking a production facility in Italy to build a new range of sports cars under the brand. It appears those previous reports were not as farfetched as they would seem as a new De Tomaso concept car, scheduled to be unveiled at next month’s 2011 Geneva Motor Show, has been revealed today at a special media presentation in Italy. Rossignolo, pictured here in front of the concept, will be using the upcoming Geneva...

  • De Tomaso Pantera
    De Tomaso Eyes Former Fiat Plant, Has Italian Government’s Support

    Exactly one year ago we reported about a plan by former Fiat exec Gian Mario Rossignolo to revive legendary Italian marque De Tomaso for three brand new sports cars. Today we have news that Rossignolo’s newly established De Tomaso is looking to purchase an unprofitable production facility...

  • De Tomaso Pantera
    Fiat Exec To Revive De Tomaso Name For Three New Cars

    The first of the new De Tomaso cars is expected to debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

  • Italy’s Tomaso set for a revival
    Italy’s Tomaso Set For A Revival

    The legendary Italian marque De Tomaso may be revived if a group of American and Chinese investors have their way. In 2003, MG took over the label to secure a production facility for a new sports car but the plans went bust and Tomaso closed its doors just one year later. A new group of investors...

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