There have been several attempts to revive once proud Italian sports car manufacturer De Tomaso, and now it looks like there’s set to be another. Most recently, a former Fiat manager acquired the rights to the brand and even unveiled a concept in 2011. The plans went sour and a new buyer was sought.

In February 2012, it looked like the brand had attracted a Chinese buyer, though the deal failed and bankruptcy ensued. Since then, courts have been trying to find a buyer, and while several companies have expressed interest, with BMW alleged to be among the suitors, it looks like a little known Italian firm is the latest recipient of the De Tomaso brand.

According to Autoblog, another revived classic Italian brand, Automobili Turismo e Sport, or ATS for short, has acquired the rights to De Tomaso. Details on ATS’ plans for De Tomaso are said to be released soon, but for now it looks like the firm will launch at least one new De Tomaso-badged sports car based on an existing ATS model.

The ATS 2500 GT - image: ATS

The ATS 2500 GT - image: ATS

The most likely ATS model to get the De Tomaso transformation is the 2500 GT, a mid-engine sports car built on a tubular chassis and powered by a flat-four engine. If it is built, the new De Tomaso may even receive the brand’s storied Pantera nameplate.

Stay tuned for an update.


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