What better way to liven up your day than with the deep growl of a De Tomaso Pantera. The classic mid-engined Italian two-seater makes some noise for your listening pleasure in this short clip from AutoEmotionenTV. In bright green, it also looks as good as it sounds.

The Pantera was one of the supercar stars of the 1970s. Featuring knife-edged bodywork from designer Tom Tjaarda, it came powered by a 351-cubic-inch Ford 'Cleveland' V-8. This impressive combination of Italian style and American muscle was actually sold in the U.S. through Lincoln-Mercury dealerships.

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A base price of around $10,000 in 1971 made it relatively cheap compared to a Ferrari or Lamborghini, and is partly why the Pantera is still one of the most accessible vintage exotics for enthusiasts. The blue-collar Ford powertrain also makes them a little less complicated to maintain.

The car also enjoyed an unusually long production run. The Pantera was introduced in '71, and while Ford stopped importing them to the U.S. in 1975, production continued for other markets until 1991. Over 7,000 Panteras had left the factory by that time.

De Tomaso itself has been dormant for some time now. There have been several attempts to revive the brand, most recently by Italian firm ATS. None of them have panned out, but that doesn't mean we won't stop dreaming of a new Pantera.

If you want to put a Pantera in your garage, you can always pick up an original example from firms like Classicbid, which is selling the car in this very video.


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