The 918 Spyder may be an impressive technological achievement, but Porsche's first true supercar was just as great a leap forward back in the day. The Porsche 959 is generally credited with introducing the concept of the high-tech supercar, but since it was never officially imported, they're a rare sight in the U.S.

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One of these rare cars is being offered for sale by Copley Motorcars (via Bring a Trailer) in Needham, Massachusetts—just outside Boston—for a cool $1.45 million. It's funny to see one of the world's most legendary performance cars in a state with an equally legendary reputation for bad driving.

This particular example is a Komfort model in silver with a black interior. Its odometer reads 16,500 kilometers (about 10,250 miles), and the seller says it recently underwent a major servicing. Given the complexity of the 959, that could save a few headaches.

Since the 959 was never officially sold in the U.S., cars that made it here had to be federalized or pass through certain grey-market channels. This one was imported by 959 specialist Bruce Canepa, and features his signature matte black wheels.

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If you don't have over $1 million to spend on a car, there are also reports that Porsche is working on a 959 successor, which would likely be (somewhat) less expensive than an original. While the 918 Spyder will remain Porsche's flagship and technological showpiece, this new mid-engined model—referred to internally as the 988—would take on the Ferrari 458 Italia and its ilk.

Initially tipped for a 2017 launch, the 988 is apparently in production limbo. Porsche hasn't cancelled it yet, but the car has been put on the back burner. If it ever sees production, the 988 is expected to be based on a new modular sports car platform and could feature a flat-eight engine.


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