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  • BBC Autos tv & movie car identification game

    Rendered in a cute animated style that captures their most essential features, the 77 movie and television cars featured at the BBC's Autos channel today are some of the most iconic of all of four-wheeled history. Can you name them all? Some are rather obvious (who could miss the Ghost Busters' ECTO-1 station wagon, or the Scooby Doo van?), but some require a deeper knowledge of automotive screen culture--and, in a few cases, a bit of imagination to fit the cartoon car to the real thing. All you have to do is visit the BBC's site and hover over each image to find the answer. Let us know how...

  • Le Mans Live On-Board with Audi
    Don't Get The Le Mans 24 Hours On TV? Get An Audi Eye View

    As we speak the Le Mans 24 Hour sports car race at Le Mans in France has been underway for just under an hour. If you're not lucky enough to be enjoying a beer by the side of the circuit or at least don't have access to a television feed for the race, fear not. Front-running team Audi has their own...

  • Toyota Camry NASCAR pace car
    NASCAR TV Show In the Works?

    Would you tune in to NASCAR, not on Sunday race day, but on "Must-See TV?" A report out of Hollywood suggests NASCAR is lending its drama to NBC for "The Crew," a new drama that unfolds with the racing series as a backdrop. From the pen that brought you the short-lived superfriends drama Heroes...

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