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  • Hyundai Blue Link infotainment system

    Hyundai is heading to the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show next week to showcase the next generation of its Blue Link telematics and infotainment system. The new system is designed to incorporate the best of Apple and Google technology along with features from several other industry giants. Hyundai’s new Blue Link system will integrate Apple’s popular Siri voice-activated intelligent assistant, which will be able to help drivers get things done just by asking. One of the big-ticket items for iPhone users will be the adoption of Apple’s much-anticipated Eyes Free system. This...

  • Hyundai Blue Link
    Hyundai Blue Link: Next Step, The Cloud

    Hyundai takes its first steps into the buzzy field of in-car telematics with Blue Link, which bows later this year in the 2012 Sonata sedan and the new 2012 Veloster sport coupe. Blue Link uses the Web, human operators, and data hardware inside the car to fuse mapping and mobile services and enable...

  • Hyundai Blue Link screen interface
    CES 2011: Hyundai Announces Blue Link Telematics To Take On OnStar, Enform

    Telematics--a fancy name for using telecommunications and information to control, assist, or otherwise interact with a vehicle--is a burgeoning field these days, but it hasn't always been that way. Until recently, a handful of luxury carmakers and General Motors' OnStar system were the only games...

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