• EV Innovations Wave

    Picture it: 200mi on a single charge, 80mph top speed and a purchase price of just $30,000 - not a recipe for success for a standard combustion engine car, but a very reasonable proposition for a mass-market electric car. And that's exactly what EV Innovations is proposing with its Wave electric vehicle. You might be familiar with the company through its other electric car, the Inizio. That car, a 159mph (257km/h) sports car with a sub-4 second 0-62mph (100km/h) time, is not targeted at the average buyer with its $139,000 price tag. The new car, built to win the Automotive X Prize, could be...

  • 2009 Lightning Hybrids LH4 concept
    Lightning Hybrids unveils hydraulic-hybrid sports car at Denver Auto Show

    A company born out of Colorado is planning to launch an advanced hybrid sports saloon that will eventually compete in the multi-million dollar Automotive X-Prize competition to successfully build and market a 100mpg vehicle. The first prototypes are currently in development but a concept version of...

  • 2009 honda insight hybrid 013
    Aluminum use in cars hits all-time high

    Carmakers and legislators have been duking it out for decades. As one side fights to find new ways to lighten cars up, improve handling and efficiency, the other heaps on more and more safety regulations and mandatory equipment until things eventually cancel out. But an undercurrent to the...

  • axon hatch motorauthority 002
    100mpg Axon Automotive X Prize entry gets funding

    Last year Axon Automotive, creators of 2007’s Eco-M super lightweight speedster, entered the $10 million Automotive X Prize with a new hatchback aimed at city dwellers. The vehicle features a full carbon-fiber chassis and will likely be powered by a compact turbodiesel engine. Today the...

  • Volvo grille
    Volvo lays off 2,700 workers, in sale talks with China's SAIC

    Labor negotiations between Volvo and Sweden's auto worker union have come to a close today, resulting in the termination of 2,721 emloyees, the vast majority of which are blue collar workers. The layoffs come as Ford has engaged Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) in talks to buy the...

  • Roewe SUV spy shots
    Spy shots: Roewe SUV based on the SsangYong Kyron

    We haven’t heard much about Chinese carmaker Roewe since the launch of the 750 sedan back in 2006. Roewe is a subsidiary of fellow Chinese carmaker Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), and initially started selling vehicles built from old Rover designs – the 75 sedan and 25...

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