• A custom built Pro-Motive Mini, powered by a Yamaha R1 engine

    The idea of stuffing a big motor into a small car is nothing new, and the recipe has been tested by both tuners and manufacturers for decades. Sometimes, as with the original Shelby Cobra, the result is a car that’s fast, nose-heavy and utterly puckering to drive anywhere near its limit. Somewhere along the line, tuners realized that motorcycle engines can make big power, too, but have the advantage of being compact in size and light in weight. Since wrecked sportbikes are easy to find, donor engines are usually inexpensive, at least in relative terms. Search the internet, and...

  • US GP
    Texas To Play Host To US GP In 2012

    America’s very own F1 team, the much-hyped USF1, may be out of the picture but that doesn’t mean motorsport’s top echelon won’t have a place here in the U.S. Indianapolis hosted its last US GP back in 2007, and North America eventually slipped off the calendar altogether with the demise of...

  • First Lotus Evora delivered in U.S.
    First 2010 Lotus Evora Delivered In U.S.

    Almost two years after the 2010 Lotus Evora was first revealed, the very first example of the sporty mid-engined coupe has been delivered to a customer in North America. That honor went to Bruce Rice, who picked up the car this week at the John Eagle European’s Lotus dealership in Austin...

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