2011 Ford Explorer

  • 2011 Ford Edge

    Ford’s new EcoBoost engine technology is heralded by the company as the key to finding a balance between power and economy, and having seen the performance in cars like the Lincoln MKS and Ford Flex we can only agree. EcoBoost is essentially the addition of separate direct injection, variable cam timing and turbocharging technologies to a downsized engine, which results in a smaller engine providing the power and torque of a much bigger one. So far Ford has only launched V-6 EcoBoost engines but by the end of the year there will be three new ones, two of which will only feature four...

  • 2008 Ford Explorer America Concept
    2011 Ford Explorer Based On Taurus Platform, Gets EcoBoost

    The 2011 Ford Explorer will be built alongside the 2011 Ford Taurus and 2011 Lincoln MKS in Chicago.

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