Porsche has been talking about a 911 hybrid for years and now we're just months out from the debut.

While detailing Porsche's financial results for the past year in Stuttgart on Tuesday, CEO Oliver Blume confirmed the company will unveil the first members of its updated 992-generation 911 family in early summer, and that one of them will be a model with a “high-performance” hybrid powertrain.

The model is expected to be the updated version of the 911 Turbo S, though Porsche plans to offer a hybrid powertrain in most models in the 911 family eventually.

Unlike Porsche's other hybrid models, which are all plug-in hybrids, the 911 hybrid is expected to be a conventional hybrid where any electric motor will purely be used to support the gas engine and recover energy under braking. This will ensure the 911 skips the heavy battery common to most plug-in hybrids.

Oliver Blume

Oliver Blume

Blume has previously said the 911 hybrid will be more along the lines of the former 919 Hybrid LMP1 race car, and not a plug-in hybrid like the 918 Spyder hypercar, something he reiterated on Tuesday with the statement, “once again we are deploying technology in series-production models that we have derived from the world of motorsport.”

The first members of the updated 911 family are expected to reach the U.S. as 2025 models. Prototypes have been spotted for the past couple of years, including some with hybrid powertrains.

The prototypes reveal that the updated 911 will also receive some styling changes, plus a fully digital gauge cluster similar to what Porsche has already introduced in its other models. Among the styling changes will be new fascia designs front and rear, revised taillights, and headlights with brighter, more precise matrix LED technology.