Porsche is about to introduce an update to its debut electric vehicle, the Taycan, and included in the updated range will be a new performance flagship. Thought to be called a Taycan Turbo GT, Porsche has revealed the new Taycan flagship has lapped the Nürburgring almost as quick as Rimac's Nevera electric hypercar.

Rimac was also in the headlines today with news the company is planning a robotaxi service. Rimac first hinted at a move into robotaxis in 2021, and now its CEO has made comments that the service will be launched by 2026.

Jay Leno has taken a spin in the Karma GS-6, a U.S.-built series plug-in hybrid sedan packing 536 hp and a BMW engine as its gas range extender. The GS-6 is Karma's sole vehicle at present, but the California company is working on two EVs, the first of which will be a sports car.

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